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MOON GLASS - Always using the same boring glasses for your cocktails?

We know what you need. These lightweight glasses are perfect for your drinks at homeor for your cocktails.

This luxury glass is a real way to bring originality on your table. Get ready to wow everyone when you pull out your MOON GLASS and fill it with one of your favorite beverages.

Say YES to new adventures.

Buy them now and redefine your drinking experience forever!


Our SKULL GLASS glasses are made of high quality borosilicate glass. That's why they're stronger and more durable than regular lenses. The borosilicate also gives a smooth finish and crystal clear appearance.
Because they are heat resistant, you can enjoy hot or cold beverages anytime.

☑️ they are eco-friendly.

☑️ perfect for your tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

☑️ they are easy to clean, do not lose their color and do not retain odors.

☑️ temperature resistance range: -20C~180C.


These creative skull glasses are rated by our customers as the perfect gift for any coffee lover. 75% of people who received a set of skull glasses as a gift have come back to order more.


Lenses are available in one size:

  • Container: 410 ml

PLEASE NOTE Most of our customers who bought these glasses as a gift for someone else ended up keeping them. Avoid arguments between you and your loved ones by ordering at least two sets!

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