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Check out the SKULLNIGHT whiskey bottle packs,
This crystal bottle and glasses are the perfect gift for any whiskey lover.

Primarily used for liqueurs, whiskey or vodka, this skull bottle is one of the finest sets of crystal glasses ever created by our designers. It's perfect for occasions and celebrations, but also for a Friday night spent with your loved ones. Make every moment special by using the Skull set.

Be the coolest host and surprise your friends with this set of crystal glasses. Any drink will be instantly more interesting when drunk from this set of skull glasses. Your spouse may not like whiskey in general, but if you bring the Skull Crystal Glasses Set, you'll see what magic looks like: he'll ask you for a drink. Why ? Because there's no one who can refuse this service of skull glasses.

What makes this set of crystal glasses so unique?

Because it is crystal, even though it is double-layered, the glasses are always thinner than the usual double-layered glasses. In addition, the shape of this skull glass is well defined. By touching the glasses or the bottle, you can feel all the details in a pleasant way thanks to the work of our craftsmen.

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SKULLGLASS Glass Size: 75ml
SKULLNIGHT Bottle Size: 550ml
Skull Shot Glass Design: Double Layer

Box contents
  • 1 bottle of 550 or 1000 ml with skull
  • 6 Skull shot glasses of 75ml

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